A look at why interactive whiteboards are great for online lessons

Interactive whiteboards, that were commonly used in the face-to-face education environment, are slowly but surely making their way into the online lessons that students are now receiving due to the coronavirus outbreak. The use of interactive whiteboards in this area is becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits of using them. Read about why these interactive whiteboards are ideal for online lessons below:


Interactive activities

Instead of having to listen to a lecturer or teacher speak throughout the entire lesson, an interactive whiteboard gives students an opportunity to complete activities. These activities can also be used to for peer teaching as students can explain their processes when completing activities.


Student engagement

When it comes to online learning, classes can become boring if there is no interaction between the individuals. If they become boring, students may not listen, causing the lessons to become redundant. Using an interactive whiteboard allows students to engage with each other and their teacher in the online lessons, creating an engaging and often exciting learning space.


Innovative teaching

These interactive whiteboards are not only great for their ability to teach students, but they are also great for the teachers. The individuals teaching the online lessons will be able to create fun and innovative lessons with the use of an interactive whiteboard. It gives them a new way to teach the same course material.



Interactive whiteboards are beneficial due to their flexibility. They can be used to perform activities as well as to display a wide range of media including photographs, videos and much more. All these additional features capture the attention of students, allowing them to take in more information.

How to get the most use from VoIP systems for your business

VoIP systems have become very popular amongst business owners due to the benefits of these systems. The benefits include lower rates, increased mobility and so much more. However, how can you be sure that you are getting the most out of your VoIP system? Read about how to get the most use from VoIP systems for your business:


Mobile apps

Using a VoIP system comes with the benefit of mobility. You can use your VoIP system from any device, at any time, in any place (if you have data or a Wi-Fi connection), but you need to have the VoIP app to enjoy the mobility of the system. Be sure to download the app onto your mobile device to ensure that you have access to calls regardless of your location.


Device configurations

The great thing about VoIP systems is that you can use the same system across several devices. However, when you receive a call, how will the system know where to send the call? Not to worry, you can configure the system to send calls to various devices on different days or at different times. Another configuration commands the system to send calls down the line of devices until one of them is answered, if a call is not answered it will go to voicemail.


Voicemail transcriptions

There may be occasions when you are not able to reach your device before the call ends and clients may leave voicemails. Unfortunately, listening to voicemails can take a lot of unnecessary time, which is why it is ideal to set up voicemail transcriptions through your VoIP system. This will automatically send and transcribe these voicemails to you via email.


Call recordings

A great way to use your VoIP system to the fullest is to use call recordings. This should not be used as a tool to listen to calls regarding private information but should be used as a form of guidance. Employers can use these call recordings as a means of training staff to employ the correct call etiquette when speaking to clients.

How Covid-19 has changed the office environment

Since the emergence of the global pandemic known as Covid-19, steps have been taken to protect the health of individuals worldwide. These steps have extended beyond our homes and grocery stores, into the workspace that many have returned to. Here’s how Covid-19 has changed the office environment:



One of the first things that you will notice in your post-Covid-19 office environment is how sanitary it is. This is not to say that your office environment was not clean before, but that additional steps will be taken to keep it clean and healthy. Not only will the space be cleaned more frequently, but there will also be signs about how you as an employee can take steps to keep yourself and your space sanitised and healthy.



The flexibility of the office environment will change. Prior to covid-19, you and your colleagues may have been travelling to work every day, creating a full office environment with less personal space. During these times, you may find your office environment to be a lot emptier. This is due to the flexibility of the office environment and the ability of some individuals to work from home on a continuous basis. The few that you would see in office environment would be those that cannot work from home, or do not want to work from home.


Floor plans

One new idea introduced by the covid-19 pandemic is the “six feet office”. This “six feet office” is referring to an office floor plan that does not place individuals within six feet of each other. This can be achieved with your current floorplan and empty building; however, the floorplan will need to change as more individuals start returning to the office.

What’s that about old dogs’ and new tricks? Communication in a modern society.

What’s that about old dogs’ and new tricks? Communication in a modern society.


 Hi there, it’s me again. I reckon we are all pleased about that latest news of a hopefully near lockdown level three on its’ way. This whole pandemic has really turned the world upside down, most business getting a bit of a hit while others thrive. I just want to take a moment to understand how things have really changed, or rather evolutionized.


Living under lockdown with no loadshedding doesn’t mean you should live in the dark or under a rock for that matter

Living under lockdown with no loadshedding doesn’t mean you should live in the dark or under a rock for that matter.


Street Smart Office Automation


South Africa, May 1st, the President commenced the slow return to normal life for himself and his country’s people. This being in the new “Level 4″ restrictions that will navigate our way of life, for the next while at least. more…

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