Products & Solutions

PABX Panasonic phone system

Public Automated Branch Exchange


With our wide range of Panasonic Public Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) Systems we have all systems to suit any and all businesses

Office Printing Solutions Paper

Office Printing Solutions


Street Smart Office Automation has partnered with market leading brands allowing us to supply a wide range of multi-functional printers as well as duplicators catering to all requirements

VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol Call Phone relaxed

Voice Over Internet Protocol


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a technology that allows you to make voice communications via a computer network like the internet. Up to 30% savings on your calls

CCTV Closed Circuit Television Camera Security

Closed-Circuit Television


We are able to provide leading edge, cost effective solutions industrially, commercially and domestically

Interactive Whiteboards Digital

Interactive Whiteboards


Our range of interactive white board transforms and dry-erase whiteboard into a fully interactive interface. Bringing fun, easy activities into classrooms and simple functionality to any conference

Peripherals headsets call

Peripherals and Other


Telephone Management systems, Voicemail, Voice Loggers, Headsets and more products…


Technology has made a drastic impact on daily office administration. For instance, PBX systems have become one of the most widely utilized telephone systems by businesses. Its tremendous popularity is due to the low cost of acquiring one, the flexibility of their usage and the significant improvement in corporate communications. A PBX phone system is an asset to help boost your company’s credibility to both customers and partners. It saves money, boosts your efficiency; speak, call, ring, repeat! It also provides mobility, where you can work from anywhere and it is analogue friendly; it is receptive to other technology equipment, such as analogue fax machines and modems, making it a universal solution for business processes.

 Our multifunction printers include print, scan, copy and fax capabilities in the form of one all-inclusive machine. It naturally provides convenience as it can perform several tasks and saves space. This product is also cost-effective and power saving as well.

Make use of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology that allows its users to make calls using the broadband internet rather than the conventional or analogue phone system. You enjoy many benefits such as saving money, portability, flexibility and multi-functional.

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