Head Sets

In modern day business utilising time in the best possible way is paramount in ensuring businesses have the competitive edge in their relevant fields. Studies have shown that headset technologies can improve productivity and reduce long term medical issues associated with constant use of a telephone handset. Street Smart Office Automation offers a wide range of both binaural and monaural headsets. From entry level wired headsets to top of the range wireless headsets Street Smart Office Automation is able to cater to any need.

Voice Loggers

Voice logging is the practice of regularly recording telephone conversations. Business sectors which often do voice logging include public safety (e.g. 9-1-1 and emergency response systems), customer service call centers (conversations are recorded for quality assurance purposes), and finance (e.g. telephone-initiated stock trades are recorded for compliance purposes). Although voice logging is usually performed on conventional telephone lines, it is also frequently used for recording open microphones (e.g. on a stock trading floor) and for broadcast radio.


• Automatically records all IN AND OUTBOUND landline telephone calls.

• Calls are saved to your computer and can be saved to your Police Management System should you have one.

• The recording/call can be emailed to any third party.

• Pop up screen to add a note.

• Only shows the Outgoing number but records all calls.

• Password Protected.

• Can backup to a server.

• Can search on Date, Duration, Number Dialed, Extension and Note Added.

• Compatible with Analogue and Digital phones.



• Clients name appears on screen before the call is answered.

• Picks up the INCOMING and OUTGOING number and shows all missed calls with the person’s name and telephone number.

• Has got a BUILT IN ADDRESS BOOK that can be imported from Excel or Outlook.

• Auto inserts clients name if in address book.

• A POPUP WINDOW is available to add a note. A new client or number can be added with the popup. A note can also be added after the call has been made.

• With incoming calls the system can announce that the call may be recorded for quality or legal protection reasons. Customised announcements can be made and used.

• The system doubles up as an ANSWERING MACHINE and messages can be replayed and kept for record purposes including your record of advice. This can be disabled.

• Listen to messages left on your landline, while you are out of the office.

• Records by date and time.

• Recordings can be EMAILED to a third party.

• Sensitive Information can be PASSWORD PROTECTED.

• Search for specific call using many different criteria to find a call.

• Can create a graph for Day/Month of calls received, made or missed.


• Administrator can monitor call live.

Telephone Management Systems

Telecommunications has become a very big part of everyday business and being able to closely monitor, analyze and control exactly how much time and money your employees/clients are spending on the phone can be vital in keeping your business as productive as possible. The Man3000 Desktop range offers a cost-effective solution that can completely revolutionize the way you run your business.


• Access to the database from multiple PC’s on the network

• Multi-level password protection

• Unlimited database size

• Comprehensive reports which can be saved or exported in multiple formats

• Scheduled reports sent automatically on a regular basis

• Live graphs for quick and easy reference

• Automatic alerts for unauthorised calls

• Up-to-date cost tables and custom call costing

• Account code, pin code and phantom extension compatibility

• Client list to easily index and search specific numbers

• Fully functional Guest package

Man3000 Soft

This is a software ONLY solution. Man3000 retrieves the call records directly through TCP/IP connection or file transfer from the PABX. Authentication with the Man3000 servers occurs through the client’s internet connection.


Man3000 Dongle

The dongle allows for authentication with the Man3000 servers without the need for an Internet connection at site. Retrieval of the call records is completed through TCP/IP connection to the PABX or file transfer from the PABX.

Man3000 Buffer (V7)

These buffer boxes can connect to your PABX via Serial/RS-232 or TCP/IP and collect and store up to 8000 call records, they also have an internal battery in case of power failure. The buffer communicates with the Man3000 software via USB connection to the client’s PC. The latest version of the Man3000 software is included in the purchase of a LAN or Serial buffer box.

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