Interactive Whiteboards


Interactive whiteboards can be expensive and complicated, and most must be permanently installed. Not anymore. Now teachers can place a small bar on the dry erase boards they already have. Mimio Teach interactive whiteboard transforms any dry-erase whiteboard into a fully interactive interface, bringing fun, easy activities into classrooms and simple functionality to any conference centre or board room. Street Smart Office Automation has partnered with Mimio South Africa which enables us to provide state of the art educational solutions to schools, universities and educational institutions a like.

The systems patented infrared and ultrasound sensor technology fits neatly into a small unobtrusive bar that attaches easily to a whiteboard bringing the classroom or conference centre alive with many different facets of learning.

Mimio studio software provides simple yet powerful you need to create and present interactive lessons. This durable product can be moved quickly from class room to class room.




Mimio’s Interactive Whiteboard Allow you to turn any white-board into an Interactive White Board system.





Mimio View allows educators to show learners objects without having to pass samples around the classroom. From a page in a book to a bowl of fish, the possibilities with this technology are limited only by your imagination.





Mimio Vote brings full participation from Learners into the teaching environment. Educators can get every learner involved in the lesson by having everyone answer the question through the clicker system.




Mimio Projector allows you to Project fully interactive workspaces on any surface.








Mimio Studio is a single solution that easily integrates all the MimioClassroom™ technologies. It works with almost all interactive displays from any manufacturer. With a new collaborate feature, Mimio Studio lets classrooms interactively use the NEW MimioPad, the wireless pen tablets and iPads that has the new MimioMobile application loaded on it – at the same time.







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