Street Smart OA offers professional knowledge & advise on the latest products as well as a needs analysis, installation and maintenance of camera surveillance systems(CCTV).

Street Smart Office Automation makes an ongoing commitment to keeping up to date with the more advanced and improved technology, manufacturing and design. This non-stop quest has grown our range of products and services allowing us to install and set up IP Camera Solutions, aspherical lenses, ultra-crisp monitor displays, time-lapse recording and digital image storage.

We give you ways to leverage the power and versatility of IP Networks, PCs and other digital appliances. Street Smart OA now introduces digital storage technologies that are even more convenient and economical. They allow for instant, random access to images, require less physical storage space and need less maintenance. Digitally archived images can be easily transmitted over IP Networks and the Internet for more accessibility. Maintenance and service is paramount to ensuring a surveillance system is running effectively at all times. We offer a unique SLA means clients can have piece of mind knowing their system is doing what it should. We are able to provide cost effective solutions industrially, commercially and domestically.

CCTV Closed Circuit Television Camera Security   CCTV Closed Circuit Television Camera Security   box CCTV Closed Circuit Television Camera Security system

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