What’s that about old dogs’ and new tricks? Communication in a modern society.

What’s that about old dogs’ and new tricks? Communication in a modern society.


 Hi there, it’s me again. I reckon we are all pleased about that latest news of a hopefully near lockdown level three on its’ way. This whole pandemic has really turned the world upside down, most business getting a bit of a hit while others thrive. I just want to take a moment to understand how things have really changed, or rather evolutionized.

At the forefront and rather obvious change is how this pandemic has forced businesses and employers to allow their staff to work from home. This meaning not only relying on technology as a whole but also our network service providers (and Eskom but lets’ not get them too excited). The new modern digital age is an exciting thing and will hopefully only get better with time (like wine or George Clooney as some say), while not being allowed to travel unless absolutely necessary.

Communication - is key so much that it is the most important management skill at the moment. If you cannot communicate with your employees, you’re in trouble both metaphorically and literally. Besides actually getting your point across to someone effectively, you first need to get a hold of them telephonically. Now I don’t know about you, but I can bet a whole lot of money that nobody wants to spend a couple of thousand rand on their monthly cellphone bill and then try claim it back as a business expense. Besides there being no proof of those calls being for business purposes or any physical recordings of those calls either. We are actually lucky enough to have something called VOIP these days and no it isn’t anything new. 



What is new on the other hand is the actual ability to make business calls from your mobile phone while not worrying about being charged an arm and a leg. Yes, that’s right, you can dial out using a mobile app that will display your original landline number on the recipients phone, have these calls recorded and have the cost be a part of your business telephone bill, Boom! Everyone’s happy.

Now besides me ranting about how important it is to have a way and means of communicating with your employees and customers while working from home, it is even more important to have a secure and stable VoIP line so that your customers and prospects can call you. Now this is very obvious, but if you have a company trying to call you and they can’t get through; they will call your direct competition, guaranteed. It is the exact same when you try and call your favourite restaurant to deliver your Friday night dinner but a horrible line stops you from getting your dose of chicky nuggies.

Not only is VoIP a great option, it is also much more affordable than its grandfather (the copper line). So in my opinion it is difficult not to have a VoIP business partner for your company. We at Street Smart Office Automation have offered VoIP successfully for 10 years on a stable network and cater for all your telecommunication needs. Feel free to contact us and remember to stay safe.


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For more information about COVID-19 please visit: COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal