Living under lockdown with no loadshedding doesn’t mean you should live in the dark or under a rock for that matter

Living under lockdown with no loadshedding doesn’t mean you should live in the dark or under a rock for that matter.


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South Africa, May 1st, the President commenced the slow return to normal life for himself and his country’s people. This being in the new “Level 4″ restrictions that will navigate our way of life, for the next while at least.

South African businesses have taken a massive hit from this lockdown in the past few weeks. Some local eateries closing down permanently while the more fortunate ones have been able to scrape by. As for the essential services, they have been potentially the busiest they have ever been. Taking advantage of the current state of affairs and the market, finding opportunity in the time of maximum pessimism.

As for everyone else, for myself, working from home has been the normal and it’s fair to say that this has really brought and embraced the new digital age of working. From waking up at 08:00 for your 08:30 meeting, to working in your pyjamas, to Skype calls, to morning Zoom meetings and to that reporter who went live on air with no pants on. Let’s just say that it’s pretty important to get it right.




 Good Morning America reporter Will Reeves went live on air with no pants on.

There have been some big waves coming everyone’s’ way who uses Zoom lately as there have been a series of hacks happening. It seems that there are a group of hackers who hack into Zoom meetings and then play child pornography in the meeting… Now I don’t know much about Zoom and what precautions they are going to be taking moving forward. I am a millennial and have used a lot of different platforms for meetings, often time’s colleagues ask for my assistance with their computers which kind of sucks; because I’m not in I.T. support.

Nonetheless, I came across a company that offer a similar service in terms of hosting online meetings. They’re a U.S. based company and they aren’t small either, with a presence on the Stock Exchange and a massive global footprint it’s safe to say that we can give them a try. ClearOne, focusing on providing the equivalent of military grade privacy and secrecy for their users. Their cloud meeting rooms are as safe as the Pentagon.





They offer three packages (Basic, Pro & Enterprise) for access to their Collaborate Space cloud, all of which allow you to have up to 50 participants per room. Being split between 25 video users and 25 audio users (these are the guys with no pants on). 



Among the peace of mind knowing that you can host your meeting and not have any cyber-attacks, each meeting room comes with its’ own range of tools to assist you in your “fancy important” boardroom meetings. Things such as a whiteboard so that you can further extrapolate your discussion and have annotations on top of that meeting. Furthermore since we are all C-Suite Executives, nobody wants to take minutes….. So it does it for you!

Do you also happen to suffer from short-term memory loss? No need to worry as the meetings can also be recorded for your own convenience. The level of the user friendly interface really blows me away as a millennial; they even have a mobile app! Meaning that if you are out getting bread & milk while social distancing, things don’t have to seem so distant while you are attend your meeting while paying for your goods.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been in the office, I’m not sure if I miss it or not. One thing I definitely do not miss is the office coffee. They say sharing is caring, but when it comes to that stuff – it’s like I would agree with you, but then we’d both be lying. I can at least say that it is absolutely seamless to share file on Collaborate Space between yourself and colleagues.

Once again, I must say that as a Millennial, I approve of this amazing brand and software.

ClearOne have resellers in South Africa and we are one of them!

Feel free to contact Street Smart Office Automation for your 30-Day free trial.




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