How to get the most use from VoIP systems for your business

VoIP systems have become very popular amongst business owners due to the benefits of these systems. The benefits include lower rates, increased mobility and so much more. However, how can you be sure that you are getting the most out of your VoIP system? Read about how to get the most use from VoIP systems for your business:


Mobile apps

Using a VoIP system comes with the benefit of mobility. You can use your VoIP system from any device, at any time, in any place (if you have data or a Wi-Fi connection), but you need to have the VoIP app to enjoy the mobility of the system. Be sure to download the app onto your mobile device to ensure that you have access to calls regardless of your location.


Device configurations

The great thing about VoIP systems is that you can use the same system across several devices. However, when you receive a call, how will the system know where to send the call? Not to worry, you can configure the system to send calls to various devices on different days or at different times. Another configuration commands the system to send calls down the line of devices until one of them is answered, if a call is not answered it will go to voicemail.


Voicemail transcriptions

There may be occasions when you are not able to reach your device before the call ends and clients may leave voicemails. Unfortunately, listening to voicemails can take a lot of unnecessary time, which is why it is ideal to set up voicemail transcriptions through your VoIP system. This will automatically send and transcribe these voicemails to you via email.


Call recordings

A great way to use your VoIP system to the fullest is to use call recordings. This should not be used as a tool to listen to calls regarding private information but should be used as a form of guidance. Employers can use these call recordings as a means of training staff to employ the correct call etiquette when speaking to clients.

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