A look at why interactive whiteboards are great for online lessons

Interactive whiteboards, that were commonly used in the face-to-face education environment, are slowly but surely making their way into the online lessons that students are now receiving due to the coronavirus outbreak. The use of interactive whiteboards in this area is becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits of using them. Read about why these interactive whiteboards are ideal for online lessons below:


Interactive activities

Instead of having to listen to a lecturer or teacher speak throughout the entire lesson, an interactive whiteboard gives students an opportunity to complete activities. These activities can also be used to for peer teaching as students can explain their processes when completing activities.


Student engagement

When it comes to online learning, classes can become boring if there is no interaction between the individuals. If they become boring, students may not listen, causing the lessons to become redundant. Using an interactive whiteboard allows students to engage with each other and their teacher in the online lessons, creating an engaging and often exciting learning space.


Innovative teaching

These interactive whiteboards are not only great for their ability to teach students, but they are also great for the teachers. The individuals teaching the online lessons will be able to create fun and innovative lessons with the use of an interactive whiteboard. It gives them a new way to teach the same course material.



Interactive whiteboards are beneficial due to their flexibility. They can be used to perform activities as well as to display a wide range of media including photographs, videos and much more. All these additional features capture the attention of students, allowing them to take in more information.

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