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Street Smart Office Automation (EST 1991)

Was born out of a vision for service excellence.

With a drive to be innovative, with a fresh outlook on emerging technologies. Together with a number of international telecommunication giants, we have formed this new African star.

Organizations engaged in launching or upgrading office automation must consider an extensive variety of factors that can influence the effectiveness of those systems. These factors include budget, physical space, and changes in communication infrastructure, among others. We are there to help you create the perfect office environment utilizing the latest functional automation solutions that also have an aesthetic appeal.

Training of personnel has become an essential part of company planning, and the office automation systems used are as good as those who make use of them, as smart business owners and managers recognize that workplace resistance to these systems can dramatically lessen their benefits.

It, therefore, becomes crucial to engage an office automation provider who is mature enough in the industry to ascertain the specific automation products suitable for your business. That is where Street Smart Office Automation comes in. Our highly experienced consultants will assist you in determining innovative automation equipment that will ensure effective productivity in your organization.


We have partnered with the leading brands in the industry to distribute their various products and solutions, including:

  • Call Centre Solutions
  • Voicemail
  • VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • CCTV
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Telecommunications
  • Office Printing Solutions
  • Voice loggers
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Why choose us?

In an industry that is renowned for a lack of service excellence Street Smart Office Automation strives to be the contradiction, with an unprecedented commitment to delivering quality solutions to our clients on time and efficiently, putting customer satisfaction at the forefront in everything we do. We offer a full user requirement analysis to establish client needs and put forward the best solution. Implementation schedule for project rollout. On-site installation, training, and maintenance across the product range.

A Telkom liaison department ensuring that any faults or issues can be dealt with immediately without the client having to go into a Telkom store or spending precious time on the phone. We offer service guarantee letters, if a fault is reported to our office we guarantee that the fault will be resolved in 24 working hours.

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